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Wake Up With Moe'Ka in The Mornings

" To get you RIGHT for that MORNING Light "

We-Lit Radio Station's Morning Show will Deal with Today's Topics, 

News, and Entertainment with Laughter, Facts and a whole lot of REALITY.

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Women2Women Show Premiers This December


Wonder WOMAN! That's you !

Our Show is aimed at promoting Growth, Healing, & Understanding so that we can understand one another and move forward together.  It's about coming together to finding Real Solutions for A Real needed time in this WORLD. 

 We deal with Real Issues affecting women from Self-Esteem, to Colorizing one another, Racial Stigmas, Raising Children, and Learning to love, Family Relationships and much more.

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Hit It or Quit It Show (PRE-Production) 01/01/19

Submit your TRACK to We-Lit Radio, with our viewership of 9,372 Listeners await your TRACK. On the Hit It or Quit It Show we will let the Listeners devise if you are HIT or if you should Quit It ! By utilizing our Live Chat, Email and / or Call In Lines.   

Do you have the sound that makes MUSIC MATTER ?

We will tally up your votes and see if you are ready for broadcasting on the Hit It or Quit It Live Show on We-Lit Radio Station. 

If your song is a HIT on the radio station you will be offered a short three question interview. Who are you? What are you doing next? Where can they find you social media pages, email etc. You will also receive a copy of your interview along with your song being played for one month of airtime on We-Lit Radio Station Rotation.  


Holistic Healing Moments

Healing & Company

Where the earth has provided us with  the necessary elements to heal, and restore our physical body, mind, and spirit. Tune in, and get informed to live Healthy and be in good Health.

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